Track Addict Music
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Track Addict Music

About This Project

Track Addict Music is a recording studio and home to Producer Syllabus. This project was presented to me as a re-brand and site launch for the new office location. The challenge was to design an iconic brand that was both abstract and memorable. The brand iterations where a result of discussion where the brand had to have soul and a retro feel like 60s and 70s vinyl covers. In the search for the right brand I was stuck on music production as I was surrounded by Hip-Hop artists during my youth. The concept of 4 bars of music 8 bit computers, 16 bit sampling, 32 bit audio and game systems the multiples led me to develop a grid system based on music mathematics. I began playing with my digital instruments and ran into the saw-tooth / triangle oscillator. I began using the math as a guide for my grid and discovered the angle needed to develop the triangles that came to shape TAM.


This allowed me to construct a brand to launch the website and a mathematical pattern to build stationary and marketing materials. The blueprint was established and Syllabus admired the homework put into the science behind the design. As a computer user the parallels from chip evolution 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 etc is no coincidence that music also adheres to this mathematical pattern. This applies to typography or even the golden rule.


The brand and website where a hit and Syllabus went from a small studio to a larger floor plan to accommodate both his equipment and new recording artists.

Consulting, Design, UX/UI, WP